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WELCOME to the official site of Serena Deena, founder of GRIIM and XXPEACE Label.

You can shop the latest merchandise products and sign up for notifications about Serena's new book release here.


Serena Deena's journey as a dancer took an exciting turn when she signed with The Orchard. She has released hits like "Drip" with Youngfrenchy808 (Maybach Music Group) and has featured major artists such as Lil Tjay on the "Ghost Town Remix" and Sean Kingston on the "I know you want me tonight Remix". 

To check out our latest releases on the label, click here. 


"My book is coming out soon and I'm so thrilled to share the exciting and fulfilling path of being an authorpreneur.

I'm all about writing and merchandising!

Come along on this journey of creativity, together, let's live life to the fullest as authorpreneurs and make our mark on the literary world." - Serena Deena

Serena Deena

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